IEros & Thanatos are the polarity between life and death and they define identity as a tension between creation and (self)destruction, self-affirmation and self-negation.
IINeutral Identity results from pausing or not participating in the conflict between female and male identity. It is a condition of neutrality and fluidity that sets itself apart from gender dualism.
IIIFetishism influences the construction of identity through processes of replacement and shifting, which concentrate on a surrogate of one’s object of desire.
IVMelancholy, an introverted feeling according to the ancient doctrine of the humours, betrays the lack of something that is identified with a part of the self, something that is believed to have been found yet that has been lost again.
VUncanny is disturbing and reassuring altogether, it makes one alert yet increases one’s self-awareness, allowing what was hidden and buried to re-emerge.